Gestational Diabetes Screening Test

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Gestational Diabetes Screening Test

The 1-hour glucose tolerance test is designed to screen for gestational diabetes. This screening test is usually performed between 25-28 weeks of gestation. Gestational diabetes results in higher than normal blood sugar levels and can lead to pregnancy complications if not diagnosed and treated. For this reason, we recommend that all women undergo a one-hour glucose tolerance test.

You may eat or drink a normal breakfast or lunch prior to the test, but please avoid anything that contains excessive sugar or carbohydrates. For example, do not eat candy bars, drink soda or fruit juice, or eat any sugary cereal. Consuming excessive sugar or carbohydrates before your test may alter your test results. Please refrain from eating at least 2-hours prior to the test.

When you arrive at the office, please let the receptionist know that you are doing the glucose test. Drink the entire bottle of the glucose drink and note the time you complete the drink. You must drink the entire 10-ounce bottle within a 5-minute period. After drinking the glucose, you may not have anything to eat or drink, including water, until your blood is drawn.

Please be advised that if you do not pass the 1-hour glucose tolerance test, you will be required to do a 3-hour fasting glucose tolerance test at the lab. If you elect not to proceed with the 3-hour fasting glucose tolerance test, you will be diagnosed as a gestational diabetic and treated accordingly.

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