Trial of Labor after Cesarean (TOLAC) Recommendations

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Here are some tried and true recommendations to help make sure you are prepared for a successful trial of labor. Many of our providers have had VBACs and swear by many of these methods.

  • Seek a ‘fear release’ mediator if you are struggling with your previous birth experience
  • See a Webster certified chiropractor as early as the second trimester
  • Practice pregnancy yoga or pilates
  • Take a method specific childbirth course (Bradley,Hypnobabies,Hynobirthing,Lamaze, etc)
  • Daily squats to help open the pelvis
  • Only gain the recommended amount of weight during your pregnancy
  • Hire an experienced doula
  • Go to to find exercises for baby’s position
  • Start acupuncture/acupressure at 37 weeks
  • Avoid non-medical induction before 41 weeks
  • Trust your body and your providers